Marine Paint Removal and Buildup

Sand and soda blasting

Soda Blasting Preferred Method

In addition to cleaning areas such as oil and grease in the engine compartment of a marine application, one of the best marine applications is removing anti-fouling bottom paint from boats, both large and small. Since it is possible to take the paint off without damaging the gel-coat or fibreglass using our soda blaster, there will be less opportunity for water ingression that can cause de-lamination and blistering in the years to come. Soda blasting is the preferred method to accomplish the removal of paint from a marine application.

Manual Removal of Marine Buildup

The task of stripping a boat hull of old paint and marine buildup is long, monotonous and high-exertion work if you do it by hand. Although they may harm a boat structure, power sanders can help, requiring broad and expensive fixes. Harsh chemicals are risky to utilize and are unsafe for the environment. Chemical disposal is also be a challenge.

Safe and Environment

There is an option quickly growing in popularity: soda blasting, utilizing bicarbonate of soda, more regularly known as “baking soda” – but it’s not exactly like the baking soda in your kitchen. The technology was developed in the mid-1980s to clean the interior and exterior of the Statue of Liberty, a delicate task requiring efficiency without damage to the statue. This same soda blasting method allows Ecoblast Restoration to gently and quickly strip away layers of old coatings and marine growth from fibreglass, wood, steel or aluminum.


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