Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Sand and soda blasting

Heavy equipment cleaning is a project that just needs to be done from time to time. The unique properties of soda blasting with real baking soda provide a perfect way to assist in the process of refurbishing heavy construction equipment. Our soda blast media will clean the heavy equipment by removing paint, grease and oil and yet will not damage the chrome rams in the hydraulic cylinders, gears or chains, the glass in operator cabs and gauges, roller bearings, track pads or engine components. With our versatile soda blasters, it is possible to remove the paint on the heavy equipment down to the metal or just remove the contamination and etch the existing paint so the new coat will adhere properly. By introducing water at the nozzle, our soda blast media can neutralize heavy equipment surface rust leaving the substrate stable and paintable without pitting the metal.


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