Industrial Equipment Cleaning and Restoration

Sand and soda blasting

Industrial equipment cleaning & industrial equipment paint removal are both services that every company with industrial equipment needs to think about at some point in time. Whether that means that a printing press is in need of repainting or an overhead crane is in need of non-destructive inspection, soda blasting the industrial equipment can provide the solution. When a company tries to cut capital expenditures, often they will choose to keep older equipment and refurbish it for a fraction of the cost of the replacement cost. Soda blasting offers solutions for these industrial equipment applications and for equipment being removed from closed manufacturing facilities. The opportunities to recycle industrial equipment have never been greater and in virtually all cases this equipment is more valuable if it has been properly cleaned and repainted. Ecoblast Restoration technicians are properly trained soda blast specialists and can be invaluable in this industrial equipment cleaning and paint removal process.


Baking soda blasting of structural steel and painting it with an epoxy coating can increase production in paper mills by decreasing down time, helping the equipment with the flow of the product, and saving in maintenance in the following ways:


Industrial Equipment Solutions

Rust Removal

  • Rust can flake off and fall in the machines resulting in paper breaks and loss of valuable running time.

Removal of Dirt and Residue

  • Felt rolls, drier cans, the interior of head boxes, calendar stack applications, and winder applications.
  • Blasting can be helpful with the flow of material at the wet end, decreasing breaks at the calendar stack and at the winder, and increasing winder speed at the dry end. This will result in less down time.
  • Rafters, pan steel, crane and crane rails above the paper machine
  • Interior of water pumps
  • Tank farm and / or piping


  • The exteriors of motors helping to keep the motor operating at cooler temperatures
  • Decker fans or roof fans – this improve air flow and save on power letting them operate more efficiently and requiring less maintenance
  • Blasting allows thinner paint application
  • Ceramic tank applications: blasting is good for removal of old coatings and product. New coatings applied after blasting will allow for better flow of product.  For example, the removal of dried stock in the filler chest.
  • Interior of building: walls, floors, ceilings can be blasted and painted to improve lighting, safety, and quality of life. Fresh blasting and painting will have a pleasing visual affect.
  • Exterior of building: can be blasted and painted for presentation and building integrity.
  • If the steel does not require painting then vacuuming of rafters, crane, crane rail and drier hoods can also be very effective for fire prevention and less down time. Ecoblast Restoration is equipped to provide these services.

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