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Your machinery will move smoothly the way it did when it was new! Soda Blasting, Metal Cleaning, Epoxy Coatings, Sandblasting.

Mobile Baking Soda Blasting

Providing efficient and cost-effective mobile sandblasting, baking soda blasting, painting and carpentry services.

Restoration Results Delivered by Your Sand and Baking Soda Blasting and Epoxy Coating Specialists.

Ecoblast Restoration is a mobile blasting, painting and carpentry service provider in Southern Ontario. We deliver calcium, sand, and baking soda blasting and power washing surface preparation services. We also provide latex painting and epoxy coatings using either a spray system or brush and roller depending on the project. Our range of job size is very broad; blasting large scale buildings such as paper mills, air craft hangers, food processing plants to medium sized projects like steel stair wells, bridges, roads, wooden historical buildings and barns, and smaller items such as cranes, farm equipment, crushers, boats and sign poles. We have dustless blasting capabilities.

Sand blasting safety helmet - Ecoblast Restoration York and Durham Region Ontario
Soda blasting wood cleaner

Soda Blasting on Wood to Remove Mold and Dirt

Sand blasting will bring out an extreme grain on the wood and is used to make wood look old and rustic. Baking soda blasting is good for a lighter profile and grain in wood. Blasting prepares the surface for painting.

Sand Blasting Metal Gears to Remove Grease and Rust

Sand blast media will clean heavy steel equipment by removing paint, grease and oil. It is possible to remove the paint on the heavy equipment down to the metal and restore it to original condition.

Masonry Can Be Blasted with Soda or Sand

The media choice will depend on the hardness of the material and the profile you want. Pressure washing is not all that effective in removal of oil, grease and gum, while soda blasting provides a much better solution.


We can provide an accurate estimate. Tell us about your project, when you need the work done, material to be blasted, location access to the item(s) and any obstructions to consider or work around.

25 Years

Products and Services: Metal Cleaning, Carpentry, Powerwashing, Restoration Services, Spray Painting, Mobile Services,Sign Restoration, Concrete And Block Cleaning And Painting, Industrial Services, Baking Soda Blasting, Protective Coatings, Epoxy Coatings, Grafitti Removal, Heavy Machinery, Sandblasting.

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Ecoblast Restoration soda blasting metal roof
Ecoblast Restoration soda blasting metal parts
Ecoblast Restoration carpentry and wood restoration

What Our Customers Said About Us

We have satisfied customers from all over York and Durham Region, West of the GTA, Guelph, Waterloo and many other parts of Ontario.

Connors Construction has used Ecoblast Restoration on two projects to date.

The first project was at the University of Guelph and involved restoration of metal fire escape stairs on the exterior of buildings.  The project required proper enclosure of the work area,  sand blast operations and then paint applications of an epoxy product.  On completion the site was cleaned of residual sand and the same process was repeated at the next location.  Some of the stair systems were three building stories tall.

The second project was at Xylem Water Solutions in Guelph, Murray’s crew prepared and painted a blue band around the building, painted long expanses of window details and prepared and painted concrete walls, walkways and railings.

On both project we found Murry to be knowledgeable in methods, materials and hoarding operations.  When conditions required, Murray would work weekends or off-hours to ensure work was completed on time or completed in such a ways as to not interfere with the client’s operations.

We would confidently use Ecoblast Restoration on future projects.

Brian Connors

I am happy to be recommending the services of Ecoblast Restoration.

ABB in Whitby has been using Ecoblast Restoration for the past year and will continue to use their services. We have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They are extremely reliable, punctual and very accommodating with competitive pricing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Alex Ganhao

Murray sand blasting steel stairs

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