Engine Part Cleaning and Restoration

Sand and soda blasting

We don’t often think of engine parts as being delicate. But just a few grains of sand can score the cylinder walls, rings and bearings of an engine in an instant, add a few more and a brand-new engine can be useless in no time. Soda blast media however, will not harm the internal components of an engine. Our soda blasting process is used by many engine rebuilding facilities as the preferred method of cleaning engine blocks, heads, pistons, and crank shafts, since it will remove the grease and oil without harming the parts. Another important characteristic of engine part cleaning is there is no abrasive entrapment. There is nothing more frustrating to an engine re-builder than to have an engine completely rebuilt and to start tightening the last bolt on the head only to have the bolt locked in place by a small piece of glass beads, sand or other hard abrasive. This will not happen with baking soda blasting of your engine parts.


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